Business Solution

Our solutions are not just only advice you, is create solution for your business.

Checking and Analyzing the process of how your business is running.


Because we know that get a Solution is not an individual job.
Is put our heads together to get the best Solution for you.Our company is based in create "Special Solutions" for any kind of business

having a specials teams like Web Designers, Japanese Marketing Staff, Graphic Designers and System Engineers, that will help in the development of your business.

Strategy and Framework

Our Job is check in with situation will heavely influence what part of the advice applies. So lets define who you are..

We've created an in-depth and defined business projects that has been modified and honed over the years in order to produce the best solution for your business.

Reasons to choose us!

Web Design


System Development

2AYSは、システム開発を行うことで、ホームページでは多種多様な展開をするこ とが出来ます。システムというのは複雑なイメージがありますが、例えばWEBから問い合わせ等もシステムといえます。

DTP Production


Multilingual Sites